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From Lion’s Head to Table Mountain – Discover Cape Town’s Beauty from Above (Video)

How well do you know Cape Town? Have you ever climbed Lion’s Head or appreciated the view from Table Mountain? When you bustle through the city centre on your way to work, do you stop to admire the architecture?

If you’ve always wanted to have a birds-eye view of Cape Town, this video will blow your mind. The Two Wheels Across film crew spent six weeks filming the breathtaking Cape Town scenery, from above!

The result is a 2:37-minute video called “Rise Above Cape Town!” that features all the splendour the city has to offer, from Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and V&A Waterfront Marina to Camps Bay, the Cape Town Central Business District and much more.

Watch the video to see if you can spot your favourite landmarks in Cape Town:

YouTube Preview Image

To supplement you Cape Town experience, have a look at the following books from Struik Travel and Heritage:

Seven Days in Cape TownThe Cape Town BookMy Cape Town ABCCape Town Then and NowWalking Cape Town


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Meet Lee Berger, the Man who Introduced the World to Homo Naledi (Video and Podcast)

Field Guide to the Cradle of Human KindLee Berger, paleoanthropologist and co-author of Field Guide to the Cradle of Human Kind, recently made history as the lead scientist in the Homo naledi project.

The discovery and investigation of the early human species is a very important moment in the field of paleoanthropology and, according to Berger, was a pleasant surprise for scientists in the field.

Berger spoke with Psychology Today about the find:

“I do believe that the field of paleoanthropology had convinced itself, as much as 15 years ago, that we had found everything—that we were not going to make major discoveries and had this story of our origins figured out.”

The new project has documented over 1500 individual bones—a small population, enough to begin talking about social life, with 15 distinct individuals represented.

Wits University shared a podcast of Berger introducing the new find last month:



Berger was also featured on News24, where he shared the story of when he first saw a Homo naledi jawbone, and why he sprang to action immediately.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Also read:

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“This Species is Remarkable” – Professor Lee Berger Introduces Homo Naledi

Field Guide to the Cradle of Human KindProfessor Lee Berger, of the Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits University, introduced Homo naledi, our human ancestor that was discovered at the Cradle of Humankind in the North West Province recently.

Besides shedding light on the origins and diversity of our genus, the new species appears to have intentionally deposited bodies of its dead in a remote cave chamber, a behaviour previously thought to be limited to humans.

Berger says: “It is the most significant and extensive discovery of early human relatives ever made on the continent of Africa.

“This species is remarkable.”

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Jeffreys Bay to be Made South Africa’s First World Surfing Reserve (Video)

Discover South AfricaKnysnaBeen There, Done ThatPicturesque Garden Route

Jeffreys Bay is being made a World Surfing Reserve. The spot is well known for its popularity among surfers, and will be the first surfing reserve in South Africa.

World Surfing Reserves are selected for their iconic status, environmental importance and sporting value. In a recent article for News24, Monique Basson found out from Andrew Short, chairman of the National Surfing Reserve in Australia, why Jeffreys Bay has been selected:

“Key points in the criteria are quality and consistency of the waves, a place considered sacred by the international surfing community, and a history of recognition as a prime surf location by national and international surfers,” says Short.

“Jeffreys Bay ticks all the boxes.”

SABC News reported on the news:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


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“It’s a Dream Come True”: Travellers Reflect on Their Visit to Namibia (Video and Photos)

This is NamibiaAre you planning a trip to the wonderful country of Namibia? Have a look at what those who’ve experienced its riches had to say.

Overseas Adventure Travel has shared a video in which travellers talk about their visit to Namibia. One person reflected on the experience: “It’s been really different, everything I expected and more.”

Another traveller, a professional biologist, said: “This is my first trip to Africa and therefore it’s a dream come true.”

To help you prepare for the trip, make sure to consult This is Namibia by Peter Joyce, with photography by Gerald Cubitt.

Have a look at photographs of the journey and watch the video:

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Find Out All About Namibia’s Mysterious Fairy Circles, with Photos and a Video

This is NamibiaRichard Gray recently wrote an article for the Daily Mail about the mysterious fairy rings in the Namib desert.

The article includes various pictures of the fairy rings, a video of them and a thorough exploration of possible explanations for the weird, naturally occurring patterns.

If you are intrigued by this phenomenon, read more about the country’s beautiful landscapes in This is Namibia by Peter Joyce.

Read the article:

The fairy rings, which measure between 6 feet and 40 feet across (2-12 metres), are essentially bare patches of earth in the stubby grass that grows across the Namib desert.

Local legends say the fairy circles are the footsteps of the gods while others have suggested they are burn marks from dragons living beneath the ground.

Some have suggested they may be the landing spots of UFOs or the sleeping spots of Namibia’s national animal the oryx.

There are some scientists who have suggested the circles are created by radioactive patches of soil that prevent the grass that covers the landscape from growing.

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Jonathan Deal: Fracking Regulations have been Weakened Further

Timeless KarooJonathan Deal, author of Timeless Karoo: Discover the sunlit interior and leader of the Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG), has spoken out against the premature and poorly evaluated decisions around fracking in the Karoo.

SABC News reported that TKAG has labelled the regulations for shale gas exploration “inadequate and flawed”.

Deal comments that the regulations have been weakened:

In the first draft of the regulations they said drilling had to be a thousand meters away from a fresh water source. Now, they’ve reduced it to 500 meters.

An article featured in the Dispatch gives more details on Deal’s concerns:

While Deal acknowledged that the new regulations display “some effort to address shortcomings”‚ they “remain largely inadequate to control an activity which presents the intrinsic risk allied to shale gas exploration and production”.

“Regulations designed by the oil and gas industry itself will focus on keeping costs down at the expense of environment and community‚” Deal elaborated‚ adding that the TKAG will publish an analysis of the regulations on Friday.

CNBC Africa called on Deal to explain the issues more claerly. Watch the video:


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Watch Kingsley Holgate, Kearsney College and Maritzburg College Unite for the #RhinoShoutOutChallenge

Africa: In the Footsteps of the Great ExplorersKearsney College and Maritzburg College, notorious rival schools in KwaZulu-Natal, have joined forces to take hands with Kingsley Holgate, adventurer extraordinaire and author of Africa: In the Footsteps of the Great Explorers, in the fight against rhino poaching.

Holgate and the schoolboys created a video to add to the #RhinoShoutOutChallenge – a gathering of heartfelt video messages recorded as a call to action against rhino poaching and all forms of wildlife crime.

Traveller24 shared the video along with an update on the situation facing rhinos in southern Africa. They write: “The Kruger National Park (KNP) continued to be the hardest hit area, with 290 rhinos poached from the beginning of the year until April this year, compared to 212 during the same time period last year. A total of 62 arrests in connection with rhino poaching were made here.”

In the video Holgate congratulates the boys on joining the fight and stresses that “it’s the youth that can make a difference”.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

The Kruger National Park (KNP) continued to be the hardest hit area, with 290 rhinos poached from the beginning of the year until April this year, compared to 212 during the same time period last year. A total of 62 arrests in connection with rhino poaching were made here.

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Exit Pursued by Bare Bather: Concerned Citizens’ Flight from South Africa’s First Official Nude Beach

Been There, Done ThatDiscover South AfricaPicturesque Durban and Surrounds

South Africa’s first official nudist beach was unveiled over the Easter weekend in the Mpenjati Nature Reserve near Trafalgar on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

Along the 300 metre stretch of coastline, the usual laws regarding public nudity do not apply.

SABC news has shared a video about the beach:

YouTube Preview Image

The nudist beach has been met with some affronted objections, led largely by Reverend Mike Effanga, chairman of the Concerned Citizens of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. Independent News has shared a story of the opposition to the beach:

YouTube Preview Image

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Video: 15 Couples Get Married on Robben Island

Robben IslandOn Valentine’s Day this year 15 couples got married on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela’s prison for 18 of his 27 years in incarceration.

Mariska Botha reported on the event for the SABC, and said there was “only love in the air” on the day. She spoke to the newlyweds about what it meant to them to be married in this special place in South Africa’s history.

Frances Mnukwana, who married his glowing wife Wela, paid tribute to the political prisoners of Robben Island: “Remembering the guys who were incarcerated here who also got married and, however, were not allowed to be with their spouses. But I got married to her and I can be with her all the time.”

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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